Compound 7p was created as a part of a group of substances designed to find thromboxane receptor antagonists and thromboxane synthesis inhibitors. Additionally, it exhibits a preferential effect on prostaglandin I2 synthase (PTGIS, CYP8A1) compared to thromboxane synthase.

Compound 7p is classified as a nootropic, commonly known as a “smart drug,” and encompasses a diverse group of substances. Originally, the term “nootropic” was coined to describe compounds that could primarily enhance cognitive functions, including memory and learning. These substances interact with the metabolism of neuronal cells in the central nervous system (CNS).

Based on limited studies, compound 7p promotes neurite outgrowth and elicits axon regeneration. However, compound 7p powder is identified as a research chemical which means it is not recommended for human use. Buy this product for research purposes only.

Compound 7p Nootropic – Product Details

Compound 7P is a chemical compound that possesses unique properties. It is known for its remarkable ability to promote neurite outgrowth, facilitating the growth of neuronal extensions. Additionally, Compound 7P exhibits a slightly soluble nature, indicating its moderate solubility in certain solvents or solutions.

  • CAS Number 1890208-58-8
  • Molar Mass 441.5 g/mol
  • Chemical Formula C22H23N3O5S
  • IUPAC Name Compound 7P; CHEMBL3824120

Key Features Compound 7p Nootropic

  • 98% Purity
  • 500mg
  • Sold for research purposes only

Potential Benefits of Compound 7p Nootropic

Compound 7P and its Potential in Cancer Treatment

In a study focusing on novel 1,3,5-triazine derivatives, compound 7p has been specifically engineered to exhibit potent anti-cervical cancer effects. The underlying mechanism of action involves modulating the expression of key proteins involved in the regulation of apoptosis (cell death), namely Bax, Bcl2, and Caspases. [R]

These encouraging results imply that compound 7p holds significant potential as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of cervical cancer. Future endeavors should aim to further explore the capabilities of compound 7p to establish its efficacy and safety in cancer treatment regimens.

Compound 7P and its Impact on Neurite Outgrowth

Compound 7p belongs to a series of sulfonamidoacetamides that were meticulously synthesized and evaluated for their potential to promote axon regeneration. The study revealed that compound 7p exhibited significant effectiveness in stimulating axon regeneration, both in controlled in vitro experiments and in vivo settings. [R]

The study involved a comprehensive approach, including a phenotypic cell-based screen of diverse chemical libraries, as well as structure-activity-guided optimization. These efforts ultimately led to the discovery of compound 7p, which demonstrated its remarkable ability to facilitate the growth of new branches in cultured primary neurons derived from the hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and retina. [R]

These findings suggest that compound 7p holds promise as a potential therapeutic intervention for nerve damage. Further investigations are warranted to enhance our understanding and develop treatment techniques, particularly in the context of conditions like optic nerve injury.

Further development of compound 7p and understanding of the processes by which it induces axon regeneration in vivo will offer a reasonable foundation for future efforts to enhance treatment strategies.

How It Works

Through a comprehensive study, researchers conducted a phenotypic cell-based screen of chemical libraries and employed structure-activity-guided optimization. These efforts ultimately resulted in the identification of compound 7p, which demonstrated its remarkable capacity to facilitate the growth of new branches in cultured primary neurons derived from the hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and retina.

Furthermore, in an animal model specifically designed to mimic optic nerve damage, compound 7p displayed the ability to induce the growth of axons positive for gap-43, a crucial marker for regenerating nerve fibers.

These findings indicate that the neurite outgrowth-promoting properties of compound 7p observed in laboratory settings also translate into its remarkable capability to stimulate axon regeneration within the body.


When researching the use of Compound 7P, it is essential to take certain precautions. Here are some precautions to keep in mind:

Observe best practices for studying research chemicals: Studying research chemicals requires a responsible and informed approach to ensure safety and meaningful scientific exploration. Research chemicals, also known as designer drugs or experimental compounds, are substances synthesized for scientific investigation or exploration of their properties.

Follow recommended dosage: Adhere to the recommended dosage instructions outlined on the product label. Avoid exceeding the suggested dose to minimize the risk of potential adverse effects among test subjects.

Potential Side Effects

Nootropics can have rare and rarely serious side effects. Test subjects’ intolerance may occasionally be accompanied by an increase in undesirable activity, a sleep disorder, or an increase in libido.


In conclusion, Compound 7P nootropics demonstrate immense potential for enhancing treatment methods in various neurological conditions. Its remarkable properties, including its ability to elicit axon regeneration and promote neurite outgrowth, hold promise for addressing challenges related to optic nerve activity and neural damage. The in vitro neurite outgrowth activity observed in studies underscores the effectiveness of Compound 7P in inducing growth and regeneration.

The rational basis behind using Compound 7P as a nootropic lies in its unique composition, including the presence of ethyl acetate and compound 7P powder. These components contribute to its ability to enhance cognitive functions and support neural recovery. Moreover, the inclusion of n 4 methoxy 3 further strengthens its potential therapeutic value.

By harnessing the benefits of Compound 7P, researchers and healthcare professionals can explore novel avenues for optimizing treatment strategies and improving outcomes in various neurological conditions.


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