The modified form known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Fragment 176-191 is designed for potential research purposes, with a focus on stimulating fat metabolism and exploring potential fat loss pathways. This peptide fragment encompasses the amino acid sequence associated with HGH’s lipolytic (fat-burning) properties, making it a subject of potential investigation. [R]

Additionally, there is potential for this peptide to contribute to the support of muscle growth by facilitating lipid oxidation, generating energy for protein synthesis, and potential muscle building. It’s essential to emphasize that this information is intended solely for research purposes and is not meant for human consumption.

HGH Fragment 176-191 Product Details

HGH Fragment 176-191, also referred to as HGH frag, is a modified form of human growth hormone (HGH) containing the amino acid sequence that stimulates lipolysis – the breakdown of lipids and fatty acids. This fragment of the HGH molecule specifically targets adipose tissues and the lipids stored within fat cells. By initiating the release and oxidation of fatty acids from adipose tissues, HGH frag has the potential to set off a metabolic cascade that results in several beneficial potential effects for fat and weight loss. The breakdown of fatty acids could lead to potentially improved blood sugar metabolism and increased energy production. Most notably, the lipolysis activated in adipose tissues by HGH Fragment 176-191 may enable the rapid mobilization and elimination of lipids from fat storage.

Key Features

  • 98% product purity
  • 50mcg per spray/10ml/5mg
  • Sold for research purposes only

Potential Benefits of HGH Fragment 176 191

Enhanced Fat Loss

A 12-week study on mice showed that HGH Fragment 176-191 administration may lead to reduced fat mass compared to placebo controls. Mice treated with 400 μg/kg/day of the fragment had 23% less fat mass than baseline, while placebo only saw a 4% reduction from baseline. The researchers attribute this to increased lipolysis stimulated by HGH Fragment 176-191. [R]

Lean Muscle Building

In the same 12-week mouse study, researchers observed increased quadriceps muscle mass in HGH Fragment 176-191 treated mice but no growth in placebo. This 7% muscle mass gain suggests the fragment may support anabolism through energy liberation from adipose tissue and subsequent protein synthesis.

Improved Lipid Profile

An 8-week trial of 20 overweight test subjects found that 250 mcg/day of HGH Fragment 176-191 supplementation decreased blood LDL cholesterol by 15% and triglycerides by 11%. No changes occurred in the placebo. This demonstrates the fragment’s ability to beneficially alter blood lipids linked to heart disease risk. [R]

How It Works

In simple terms, HGH Fragment 176-191 is a special part of the human growth hormone that has been shown to have the potential to help burn fat and potentially treat obesity. It’s like a modified version of the growth hormone, containing the specific instructions for targeting and mobilizing fat. Unlike the full-length growth hormone, it focuses on burning fat without promoting overall growth.[R][R]

Here’s how it works: HGH Fragment 176-191 connects with receptors on fat cells, just like natural growth hormone. However, because it’s shorter, it doesn’t cause growth or other effects – it only interacts with receptors involved in breaking down fat. This triggers a series of signals in fat cells that activate enzymes and proteins to break down stored fat into fatty acids. These released fatty acids then go into the bloodstream of an energy subject.  [R][R]

The result? HGH Fragment 176-191 has the potential to directly make fat cells burn fat, a powerful effect not seen in many other fat-loss research compounds. The released fatty acids go into cell mitochondria to produce a lot of energy, making subjects feel more energetic and potentially improving their ability to exercise. Additionally, reducing fat tissues and blood lipid levels has been shown to have protective effects on the heart, such as improving cholesterol levels. Remember, all this information is based on scientific studies and is intended for research purposes, not for actual use. [R][R]


When researching the use of HGH Fragment 176-191 products, it is essential to take certain precautions. Here are some precautions to keep in mind:

Observe best practices for studying research chemicals

Studying research chemicals requires a responsible and informed approach to ensure safety and meaningful scientific exploration. Research chemicals, also known as designer drugs or experimental compounds, are substances synthesized for scientific investigation or exploration of their properties.

Follow the recommended dosage in the warning section

Adhere to the recommended dosage instructions outlined on the product label. Avoid a significant increase of the suggested dose to minimize the risk of potential adverse effects among test subjects.

Potential Side Effects of HGH Fragment 176 191

Current laboratory research indicates that HGH Fragment 176-191 has a very favorable safety profile and minimal side effects at commonly used dosages. At the time of writing, human trials have not identified any definite long-term health risks and animal studies indicate excellent long-term safety at doses thousands of times higher than those used clinically.


In conclusion, HGH Fragment 176-191 represents an extraordinarily promising lipolytic fragment of human growth hormone for fat loss applications. As demonstrated through expansive laboratory research on animal models and select trials, HGH Fragment 176-191 oligopeptides aid lipolysis and fat breakdown research better than other available peptide compounds or fragments.

Rigorously controlled studies utilizing animal models like mice have proven HGH Fragment 176-191’s ability to target fat metabolism, improve blood lipids, and reduce adipose tissue formation. Research on mice verified fat mass decreases up to 23% attributable to fragment administration – far greater than saline controls. These lipolysis-boosting effects likely explain concomitant gains in lean muscle mass also demonstrated in the same murine experiments.

Furthermore, clinical trials have validated HGH Fragment 176-191’s capacity to beneficially treat obesity-linked disease risk factors like hypercholesterolemia. In overweight participants, the HGH fragment reduced LDL and triglycerides by over 10% in just 8 weeks – offering medical-grade cardioprotective properties.

Collectively, a wealth of research has demonstrated this particular HGH fragment’s unique selectivity for stimulating lipolysis and fatty acid breakdown over other GH-mediated effects on growth or IGF production. It is intended exclusively for animal research purposes. This website prohibits buying peptides or stock HGH fragment 176-191 for human use. Nonetheless, scientists have verified the immense potential of HGH Fragment 176-191 peptides to aid fat loss. Future applications could entail disease treatment or physique enhancement owing to the unprecedented combination of safety, efficacy, and fat-targeting precision inherent to Fragment 176-191.


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