Fladrafinil [Tablets]


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  • Synonyms: CRL-40,941; Fluorafinil
  • Category: Nootropics
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Fladrafinil [Tablets] – Product Details

What are Fladrafinil Tablets?

Fladrafinil, also referred to as CRL-40,941, is a synthetic compound that falls into the category of eugeroics and nootropics. It is derived from adrafinil and exhibits similar characteristics and effects. Initially designed as a prodrug for adrafinil, fladrafinil is metabolized into adrafinil. It is recognized for its potential to promote wakefulness as a eugeroic agent.

Product Name Fladrafinil Tablets
Application Scientific 
CAS 90212-80-9
Molar Mass 325.33 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C15H13F2NO3S
IUPAC Name 2-{[Bis(4-fluorophenyl)methyl]sulfinyl}-N-hydroxyacetamide
Synonyms CRL-40,941; Fluorafinil
Storage Minimize open-air exposure, and store in a cool dry place
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28 reviews for Fladrafinil [Tablets]

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As always, top service!

  2. Terence (verified owner)

    Great products. Ultimate customer service

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product, service, and price. I’m always impressed with Nootropics Unlimited

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  5. John (verified owner)

    A+ product

  6. michael (verified owner)

    Seemed to work well with the research conducted

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  8. Anonymous

  9. Sheldon F

    Top drawer support service. And a user-friendly website. I just know soon you guys will be at the top if you keep this excellent work you are doing

  10. Jessie

    As always the best for me. I keep on buying this because it really helps me a lot.

  11. Jean Ederson

  12. S Sharp

    I definitely notice a positive difference in my ability to concentrate and hone in on details with this product. I do a lot of writing and reading, and it gives me clarity.

  13. Riccardo

    My energy levels are through the roof.

  14. Earl Simmons

    This medicine is better for my memory and concentration than any other drug, and trust me, I’ve tried a lot. I am now a repeat customer!

  15. Cali H

  16. Greg

    I am very happy with the tablets I received.

  17. Kieran

    It’s become my go-to for staying sharp during long workdays.

  18. Noah

    Improve cognitive function in healthy adults.

  19. Adams

    these provide smooth, sustained clarity. Convenient dosing, no crashes – just pure productivity.

  20. Ruben

    it truly help me stay focused throughout the day

  21. Donald W. (verified owner)

    very quick delivery and excellent product, thank you very much.

  22. Jonathan

    super effective and made me feel awake and focused

  23. Leonardo

    Great for focus!

  24. Jack Thompson

    . I pop one in the morning, and I’m ready to tackle whatever the day throws at me.

  25. Jack

    I’ve been using them to power through my workday, and I’m seriously impressed.

  26. Charlotte

    these little guys have been a game-changer for me

  27. Derek

    I was expecting just a little boost, but oh no, it was like my brain got a VIP pass to the party of productivity!

  28. Emma Wilson

    Just one tablet in the morning and I’m set for the day ahead. No more brain fog or sluggishness holding me back.

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