Hydrafinil [Powder]


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  • Synonyms: Fluorenol; 9-Hydroxyfluorene
  • Category: Nootropic
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Hydrafinil [Powder] – Product Details

What is Hydrafinil Powder?

Hydrafinil, also referred to as Fluorenol, is a synthetic compound that is derived from fluorene. It is classified as a potential wakefulness-promoting agent and has gained attention for its potential cognitive-enhancing and stimulating properties. Researchers often explore hydrafinil as a cognitive enhancer and stimulant, as it is believed to enhance wakefulness, improve focus, and heighten alertness. This makes hydrafinil an intriguing subject of study for those interested in investigating enhanced mental performance and productivity.

Product Name Hydrafinil Powder 
Application eugeroic (attentiveness advancing agent)
CAS 1689-64-1
Molar Mass 182.22 g/mol
Chemical Formula C13H10O
IUPAC Name 9H-Fluoren-9-ol
Synonyms Fluorenol; 9-Hydroxyfluorene
Storage Minimize open-air exposure, and store in a cool dry place
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10 reviews for Hydrafinil [Powder]

  1. MICHAEL B. (verified owner)

    What brain fog? 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    As far as my research goes, this is a superior product.

  3. Davon Trantow

    Thank you for the fast shipping.

  4. JP

  5. Amos Terry

    Though I have a good memory, this powder has improved it.

  6. Adalberto

    Wonderful product! Very affordable.

  7. Steve

  8. Marcus Schoen

    I just like your quality product and your efficient customer service.

  9. Elias L

    They works well. I’ve been taking them for about a month, and they seem to be helping my memory.

  10. George Harris

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