Maitake Powder 30% Extract POLYSACCHARIDES [Powder]


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  • Synonyms: Hen-of-the-woods, maitake ( “dancing mushroom”)
  • Category: Natural
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Maitake Powder 30% Extract POLYSACCHARIDES [Powder]- Product Details

What is Maitake Powder 30% Extract POLYSACCHARIDES Powder?

Maitake powder 30% extract polysaccharides refer to a powdered form of the Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa) that has been concentrated to contain approximately 30% polysaccharides. Maitake mushrooms are a type of fungi known for their potential health benefits. The polysaccharides found in Maitake mushrooms are believed to contribute to their potential medicinal properties.

Product Name Maitake Powder 30% Extract POLYSACCHARIDES
Application Scientific
Other Names
Dancing mushroom
Storage Minimize open-air exposure, store in a cool dry place
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9 reviews for Maitake Powder 30% Extract POLYSACCHARIDES [Powder]

  1. Julio Dickinson

    Always best quality. Thank you for the fast service.

  2. Connie KS

    I’m very happy with this Maitake Powder. Shipping took some time, though.

  3. Mariano

  4. Virgil

  5. Christophe Ward

    Wonderful powder!

  6. Jess

    I felt great while I used this, will be buying again soon.

  7. Gerardo Lind

    Very helpful, professional & friendly. Many thanks 🙂

  8. Jonathan T

  9. Blake Key

    Thank you for providing me with great quality Maitake, very happy with the item I received.

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