OTR-AC [Powder]


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  • Synonyms: Ostarine-O-Acetate
  • Category:  SARMs & Metabolics
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OTR-AC (Ostarine-O-Acetate) [Powder] – Product Details

What is OTR-AC Powder?

OTR-AC, also known as Ostarine-O-Acetate, is a modified form of MK-2866 (Ostarine). During its chemical synthesis, esterification is employed to enhance its potency, biodistribution, and half-life. This esterification process can increase the half-life of the active ingredient by at least 10-fold, prolonging its bioactivity. OTR-AC is currently under investigation for its potential to prevent muscle-wasting diseases and promote muscle mass development.

Ostarine, also referred to as enobosarm or Gtx-024, is classified as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). It differs from conventional anabolic compounds as it is a non-steroidal substance that does not undergo aromatization or conversion by enzymes such as aromatase and 5-reductase.

Product Name OTR-AC Powder 
Storage Minimize open air exposure, store in a cool dry place
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13 reviews for OTR-AC [Powder]

  1. Johathan Considine

    This stuff really works for me. Thanks a lot.

  2. Brian Adams

    This is the most authentic and potent OTR-AC that I have ever tried. I will buy again. Thanks Nootropics!

  3. Maxime (verified owner)

    It’s so powerful. I got lower back pump and acid burn but it’s the real deal – very anabolic, way more then Ostarine

  4. Anonymous

  5. J. Lawson

    Within a week and a half, I saw results. Stronger and have more endurance.

  6. Steve

    My muscles have gotten a lot more dense and full, I’m enjoying this product.

  7. Andrew Finn

  8. Liam M

    Always get exactly what was ordered and I can track my package!

  9. Omar Norris

    Great product! I noticed a difference in my first workout after taking it!

  10. Kyle Sherman

    Great muscle mass gains, I have seen improvements in my strength as well.

  11. Anonymous

    Very impressive strength gains so far, can already see a increase in muscle mass.

  12. Samuel

    Best for bone density and exercise performance.

  13. Roy Bell

    I’m impressed with its antioxidant support.

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