Selank, a synthetic peptide made up of seven amino acids, [R] has become an interesting research compound in the field of science. Selank was made by the Russian Institute of Molecular Genetics. It is a form of tuftsin, a naturally occurring peptide that affects the immune system and how the body responds to stress.[R]

In the following sections, we will examine Selank’s possible effects on cognitive function, weight management, liver health, and cardiovascular health, as well as its preclinical studies.

Key Features

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  • CAS Number: 129954-34-3
  • Molar Mass: 751.887 g·mol−1
  • Chemical Formula: C33H57N11O9
  • IUPAC Name: 1-[2-({1-[2-({1-[6-Amino-2-(2-amino-3-hydroxy-butyrylamino)-hexanoyl]-pyrrolidine-2-carbonyl}-amino)-5-guanidino-pentanoyl]-pyrrolidine-2-carbonyl}-amino)-acetyl]-pyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid
  • Synonyms: Selanc; L-threonyl-L-lysyl-L-prolyl-L-arginyl-L-prolylglycyl-L-Proline

How does Selank work?

Selank is a compound that has gotten a lot of attention because it might be able to help with emotional and stress reactions. Even though no one knows for sure how Selank works, many different ideas have been put forward. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the ways people think Selank works, which will shed light on its possible benefits. Note that the following explanations are based on preclinical studies, and more research is needed to confirm these mechanisms and see if they apply to humans.

Possible GABA Receptor Interaction:

In cell-based studies, Selank has shown a potential affinity for GABA receptors. GABA receptors play a crucial role in regulating anxiety and are the target of conventional anti-anxiety medications like benzodiazepines. If Selank’s binding to GABA receptors is confirmed in clinical research, it could help explain its purported anti-anxiety properties. However, further investigation is required to fully understand the extent and implications of Selank’s interaction with GABA receptors.[R][R][R]

Raising BDNF Levels:

Another proposed mechanism of Selank involves its ability to increase the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the rat brain when administered intranasally. BDNF is a vital chemical that supports memory and learning processes. By triggering the release of BDNF, Selank may have potential cognitive effects. However, more research is necessary to determine the specific impact of Selank on BDNF levels and its implications for cognitive function in humans.[R][R]

Maintaining Enkephalins:

Enkephalins are naturally occurring peptides known for their analgesic properties. Research conducted on mice suggests that Selank may work by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for degrading enkephalins, thereby stabilizing their levels. This stabilization of enkephalin levels could potentially contribute to Selank’s observed effects on emotional and stress reactivity, although more studies are needed to validate these findings.[R]

Potential Effects on Neurotransmitters:

In a rat study, Selank was found to possibly increase norepinephrine levels while decreasing serotonin and dopamine levels. The impact of Selank on these neurotransmitters suggests that it may influence the balance of these chemicals in the brain. However, the exact mechanism underlying these changes and their significance is still not fully understood and requires further investigation.[R]

The scientific basis behind the benefits of Selank

Numerous research investigations and trials on animals suggest that Selank may have several benefits.


Researchers have been investigating the potential anti-anxiety properties of Selank. In a study with 62 subjects, Selank recipients reported a reduction in anxiety symptoms at the end of the trial. Interestingly, the anti-anxiety effects of Selank were found to be comparable to those of medazepam, an FDA-approved medication used for treating anxiety disorders. These results indicate that Selank holds promise as an alternative treatment for anxiety.[R]

Furthermore, a study involving 70 test subjects revealed that the peptide Selank enhances the positive effects of phenazepam, another anti-anxiety medication. Selank was found to mitigate the adverse effects associated with phenazepam, such as sedation, memory loss, and sexual difficulties. These results highlight the potential of Selank as an adjunctive therapy to enhance the effectiveness of existing anti-anxiety medications while minimizing their side effects. [R]

Another clinical trial involving 60 test subjects with diverse anxiety disorders further supported the peptide anxiolytic selank effects. Test subjects receiving Selank reported significant reductions in anxiety symptoms, and the therapy was associated with an improvement in their overall quality of life. These findings suggest that Selank may offer not only anxiety relief but also potential benefits for individuals’ well-being.[R]


A preclinical study examined how Selank therapy affected rats’ memory functions. Either saline or selank was administered to the animals. According to study results, Selank enhances memory, particularly when administered during the memory consolidation period. [R]

Another investigation on animals revealed that Selank therapy preserved memory in monkeys. The study also showed that Selank’s anti-stress effects have a long-term compensatory nature and follow a different mechanism than those of previously examined neuro-hormones. [R]


Learning is a fundamental cognitive process that enables us to acquire new knowledge and skills. In one experiment, Selank was administered to rats with low starting learning rates, and its effects were compared to those of control rats. These tests demonstrated that Selank greatly accelerated learning in rats who had previously demonstrated weak learning capacity. Additionally, these effects got stronger with each dose. [R]

In a different experiment, rats given the Selank peptide learned how to escape an electrical shock more quickly than their untreated counterparts. Additionally, the treatment group experienced reduced anxiety, confirming the new peptide anxiolytic selank qualities. [R]

These results further support the potential of the Selank effects in enhancing learning processes.

Blood Flow

Blood flow plays a vital role in delivering oxygen and nutrients to various organs, including the brain. The possible impact of Selank therapy on cats under anesthesia blood pressure and blood flow was investigated in an animal study. Selank enhanced cerebral blood flow by 24 +/- 2.8%, according to study results. Additionally, the medication caused a 32 +/- 4.3% reduction in blood pressure. [R]

In the same study, Selank demonstrated improvements in blood flow and blood pressure, it is important to note that these effects were transient in nature. The increase in cerebral blood flow persisted for up to 10 minutes, suggesting a short-lived enhancement. Similarly, the lowering of blood pressure induced by Selank vanished after approximately 3 minutes. These findings indicate that the impact of Selank on blood flow and blood pressure is temporary and requires further investigation to understand the underlying mechanisms and potential long-term implications. [R]

Continued investigation in this area may provide valuable insights into the potential clinical applications of Selank in managing conditions related to blood flow regulation and cerebral perfusion.


Cholesterol is a crucial lipid molecule involved in various physiological processes. High levels of cholesterol, particularly in the form of LDL (low-density lipoprotein), are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

According to findings from an experiment done on animals, Selank may caused the total cholesterol levels of rats fed a high-fat diet to drop by 58%. This drop in cholesterol levels was accompanied by a 22% fall in triglycerides. [R]

Rats given a high-fat diet also maintained their baseline weight throughout the therapy, gaining an average of just 6 grams. These findings suggest that Selank may have an impact on how fat mass accumulates in rats fed a high-fat diet. [R]

Additional research, including human studies, is required to validate these results and determine the mechanisms underlying Selank’s impact on cholesterol metabolism and fat accumulation.

Immune System

The immune system is essential for protecting the body from pathogens and maintaining overall health. Selank therapy reportedly raised IL-6 levels in the subjects’ blood cells in a clinical experiment with depressed test subjects. Test subjects taking Selank for two weeks noticed an increase in IL-6 levels. A protein called IL-6 aids in controlling immunological reactions. [R]

Additionally, results from a cell-based investigation reveal Selank’s potential anti-viral effects. Selank stimulates the release of interferons, according to the study. Cell cultures are shielded from the cytopathological effects of viruses by these anti-viral particles. [R]

These results indicate that Selank may possess immunostimulatory and antiviral properties. It is crucial to note, however, that these studies are preliminary, and additional research is required to fully comprehend the mechanisms and clinical implications of Selank’s effect on the immune system.

Withdrawal from alcohol

Alcohol withdrawal is a difficult process marked by a variety of physical and mental symptoms. Selank was administered to rats that had been given a 10% solution of ethanol as their only source of drinking for six months in order to study its impact on the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Selank eradicated the anxiety brought on by ethanol withdrawal, according to tests done at the conclusion of the trial. [R]

Selank removed mechanical allodynia brought on by alcohol withdrawal in addition to anxiety. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms like mechanical allodynia make seemingly harmless stimuli like light touch hurt. It can encourage relapse if untreated. [R]

While these findings are encouraging, additional research is required to confirm the efficacy and safety of Selank in human subjects experiencing alcohol withdrawal.


Depression is a prevalent mental health disorder that affects millions of individuals worldwide. A mouse study was done to find out how Selank affected depressive symptoms. According to reports, Selank in high doses may possibly prevent depressive symptoms in rat behavioral reactions. These findings suggest that antidepressants are present in Selank’s range of activity. [R]

It is important to note that this study was conducted on mice, and further research is needed to validate these findings in human subjects.


Stress is a common aspect of modern life that can have significant impacts on mental and physical well-being. In an experiment conducted on animals, Selank was studied in combination with diazepam to evaluate its impact on anxiety levels in rats exposed to unpredictable chronic mild stress. The results demonstrated that Selank may enhance the ability of diazepam to reduce anxiety in these rats. [R]

Sleep Improvement

Sleep is essential for overall health and wellness. Research suggests that Selank actively influences the balance between sleep and wakefulness. Studies have shown that Selank may have a normalizing effect on sleep patterns, particularly generalized anxiety disorder. By modulating the equilibrium between sleep and wakefulness, Selank may contribute to improving the quality and duration of sleep.[R]


The information presented here is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Selank is intended for laboratory research use only and is not intended for human consumption.

Potential side effects

Selank research has so far shown few negative effects. In conclusion, additional clinical studies are required to completely understand the advantages of the Selank peptide and its negative effects on humans. [R]

Where Can I Buy Selank Online?

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Selank is a synthetic peptide derived from the natural peptide tuftsin. Selank is believed to work through various mechanisms, including the maintenance of enkephalins, possible interaction with GABA receptors, elevation of BDNF levels, and modulation of neurotransmitter levels. However, the exact mode of action is not fully understood and requires further investigation.

Overall, Selank has demonstrated promising effects in preclinical studies and early clinical trials, showing possible anxiolytic properties in generalized anxiety disorders comparable to conventional anti-anxiety medications and positive outcomes in learning and memory processes. It has also shown potential benefits in other areas such as blood flow, cholesterol regulation, immune system modulation, alcohol withdrawal, depression, stress reduction, and sleep improvement.

While Selank has generally shown few negative effects in research studies, it is important to note that further clinical studies are needed to fully understand its efficacy and safety profile.


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