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SR 9009, commonly referred to as Stenabolic, is an experimental compound believed to function as an activator for the Rev-ErbA protein. This compound has shown promising potential in various areas, including enhancing cardiovascular endurance, effectively dealing with fat storing cells, enhancing heart health, and reducing body weight, inflammation, and cholesterol levels. However, these results were done in mice injected with SR9009.

Moreover, SR 9009 stenabolic has demonstrated its ability to impede cellular senescence, reduce the viability of cancer cells, and decrease the size of atherosclerotic plaque in animal trials. Additionally, research has indicated that SR9009 exhibits lethality towards both chemo-sensitive and chemo-resistant small-lung cancer cells.

Because Stenabolic is identified as a research chemical, you should only purchase it for laboratory research use.

Stenabolic SR9009 Product Details

SR9009, a synthetic compound, that is thought to act as an agonist for REV-ERB proteins, which play a crucial role in regulating the body’s circadian rhythm. The latter is an internal 24-hour clock governing various bodily functions such as sleep-wake cycles, fat metabolism, and body temperature.

Initially discovered at the Scripps Research Institute in 2012, SR9009 exhibited its potential in stimulating notable fat loss and reducing body weight in one of its early studies. Mice treated with Stenabolic for a week experienced weight loss attributed to a decrease in fat mass.

  • CAS Number 1379686-30-2
  • Molar Mass 437.94g.mol-1
  • Chemical Formula C20H24CIN3O4S
  • IUPAC Name ethyl 3-[[(4-chlorophenyl)methyl-[(5-nitrothiophen-2-yl)methyl]amino]methyl]pyrrolidine-1-carboxylate

Key Features of Stenabolic SR 9009 

  • 98% Purity
  • Sold for research purposes only

Potential Benefits of Stenabolic SR9009

Stenabolic and Circadian Clock

Administration of REV-ERB agonists (SR9009 and SR9011) has been shown to influence circadian behavior and core clock gene expression patterns in mice, resulting in increased energy expenditure. These findings suggest potential applications of SR9009 and SR9011 in treating sleep disorders and metabolic diseases related to circadian rhythm disruption. [R]

Stenabolic and Heart Health

SR9009 exhibits potential benefits for heart health. Studies demonstrate that SR9009 administration reduces triglycerides, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol levels in mice. In genetically modified mice susceptible to arterial plaque formation, SR9009 treatment leads to a reduction in lesion size without affecting food intake. [R] [R]

Furthermore, Stenabolic administration has shown positive effects on heart size, weight, and function in mice models. [R] [R]

Stenabolic and Weight Loss

In a notable animal study, SR9009 treatment resulted in significant weight loss in three groups of mice. Normal-weight mice experienced substantial weight reduction within 7 days, primarily attributed to decreased fat mass. Diet-induced and genetically obese mice also exhibited significant weight loss following SR9009 administration, outperforming control animals. [R]

Stenabolic and Inflammation

SR9009 has shown anti-inflammatory properties in a mice study focused on endotoxin-induced inflammation. Activation of REV-ERBα with Stenabolic significantly suppressed inflammation induced by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) both in vitro and in vivo. [R]

Stenabolic and Cancer

Preclinical studies have explored the potential of SR9009 in cancer treatment. Stenabolic has demonstrated selectivity in inducing cell death in small-lung cancer cells (SCLC), including both chemo-sensitive and chemo-resistant variants. Additionally, SR9009 exhibits cytotoxic effects on cancer cells derived from various tumor types, without significant toxicity towards normal cells. [R] [R]

Stenabolic and Cellular Senescence

Cellular senescence, characterized by cell aging, poses various health risks. SR9009 has shown promise in countering cellular senescence induced by persistent DNA damage in mouse models. This effect is mediated through the inhibition of reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels via the NRF2 pathway, resulting in the suppression of senescence in vitro and in vivo. [R] [R]

Stenabolic and Wakefulness

Animal studies indicate that SR9009 administration during the daytime leads to increased daytime activity and reduced sleep duration. Moreover, SR9009 exhibits sustained efficacy and does not induce tolerance even with repeated administration. The optimal timing and duration of SR9009 administration have also been identified. [R]

Stenabolic and Endurance

Mice treated with SR9009 for 30 days exhibited improved endurance, covering more distance and running for a longer duration compared to control mice. These findings suggest that SR9009 may enhance physical endurance and performance. [R]

Stenabolic and Anxiety

In mice, SR9009 treatment reduced anxiety-like behavior over a period of 3 to 10 days. The effects of SR9009 on anxiety reduction were found to be comparable. [R]

How It Works

SR9009 functions by potentially binding and activating REV-ERBα within the body. REV-ERBα is one of two agonists of REV-ERB, with the other being REV-ERBβ. Scientific investigations have revealed that REV-ERBα is prominently expressed in oxidative skeletal muscle, and its deficiency in muscle can result in compromised exercise capacity.

Experiments have demonstrated that activating REV-ERBα leads to improved oxidative function in muscle, consequently enhancing exercise capacity. The various effects associated with SR9009 are believed to originate from its potential to activate REV-ERBα.


It is crucial to note that Stenabolic SR9009 is currently intended for laboratory research purposes only and not for human consumption. An extensive study conducted on animal models has provided valuable insights into its potential effects; however, further research is required before considering its use in humans.

Furthermore, specific precautions should be taken into account. Studies have shown that prolonged use of other selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) may potentially impact heart function. While SR9009 belongs to a different class of compounds, caution should be exercised when using it for longer durations, especially without comprehensive human studies available to assess its safety profile.

Therefore, until further research and clinical trials are conducted to evaluate its efficacy, safety, and potential side effects in humans, the use of Stenabolic SR9009 should be limited to laboratory research purposes only. It is vital to prioritize informed decisions and consult with healthcare professionals before considering any experimental substances.

Potential Side Effects

Stenabolic SR9009 has shown a generally favorable safety profile in animal studies. However, it is important to note that extensive human studies are lacking, and caution should be exercised when considering its use in humans. While Stenabolic SR9009 has demonstrated beneficial effects such as fat burning and significant fat loss in animal models, its impact on blood cholesterol levels should be monitored closely. Additionally, as with any compound, individual variations in response may occur, and it is important to remain vigilant for any potential adverse effects.

Limited research exists regarding the effects of Stenabolic SR9009 on liver function. Due to the compound’s metabolism and potential interactions with liver enzymes, it is advised to exercise caution and consult with healthcare professionals to ensure optimal liver health when considering its use.

Overall, while Stenabolic SR9009 has shown promising results in terms of fat burning and significant fat loss, it is essential to prioritize safety and monitor potential effects on blood cholesterol levels and liver function. Consulting with healthcare professionals and conducting comprehensive human studies are crucial steps in assessing the safety and potential side effects of using Stenabolic SR9009.


In conclusion, Stenabolic SR9009 has shown significant potential in laboratory research for various health-related benefits. As a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), SR9009 has exhibited positive effects on lipid and glucose metabolism, making it a subject of interest for potential therapeutic applications.

Studies conducted on diet-induced obese mice have revealed that SR9009 (Stenabolic) can lead to notable reductions in body fat and improved glucose metabolism. Additionally, it has demonstrated the ability to enhance skeletal muscle growth, increase lean muscle mass, and improve muscle oxidative function.

Furthermore, Stenabolic SR 9009 has shown an impact on circadian rhythms, which regulate various bodily functions including energy levels, plasma glucose levels, and metabolic activity. Its potential to burn fat and treat obesity has been a subject of study, particularly when combined with aerobic exercise.

As a synthetic REV-ERB agonist, SR9009 has been found to increase mitochondria in skeletal muscles and has shown promise in reducing high cholesterol levels in mice on a high-cholesterol diet. These findings are encouraging and support the need for further research to fully understand the potential benefits and risks associated with SR9009.

It is important to note that the use of SR9009 is not for human consumption and is currently limited to laboratory research, and more comprehensive studies are required to determine its safety and efficacy in humans. Consulting with healthcare professionals and relying on reputable sources for information is essential, as it is crucial to make informed decisions when considering substances like SR9009.


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